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Fields Of Application

We supply high-quality LEDs of Japanese origin which can be used in numerous applications. Particularly we would like to point out our wide range of infrared LEDs (IR-LEDs). These LEDs are mainly used in medical applications, data acquisition, safety engineering and transport management. Our aim is to advise and support our customers at their product development and product improvement.

IR-LEDs for wireless communication

CN870-35P, L870-03UP and L870-06UP for IR-interfaces in various applications like telecommunication and media technics.

Medical applications

L670-04AU for blood analysis and blood sugar measurement.L670-66-60 and L890-04AU for photodynamik therapy (PDT)

SMT660/890 for Oxymeter use.
L565-36U, L635-36AU and L760-36AU for blood sugar measurements.

ITS field (intelligent traffic systems)

L850-01UP and L850-04UP for vehicle information and communication systems (VICS)
L850F-06-45 for license plate recognicion (LPR)
L810-06-55 for ETC LED array use (electronic tele communicaton)

L850-66-60 for night vision light source use in vehicles.

CCTV light sources (CCTV = closed circuit television)

L810-03AU, L850-42UP, L850-04UP and L850-06UP for IR-light source use in monitoring cameras.

Machine vision

L660-36V, L750-04AU, L850-36UP, L850-04UP, SMT850 and SMT940 for light barriers, sorting systems and many other applications in machine vision fields.

Agriculture: vegetables and ornamental plants

L450-03U, L660-03U and L750-03AU for manipulation of plants and healthful vegetation as well as for assistance of photosynthesis.


L810-03AU, L870-33UP and SMT780 to be used in Iris Diagnostic and Eye Tracking.

New applications

L375-66-60 for chemical reactor as reactive light source.





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