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Bicolor and multi color LEDs

Our bi- und multicolor LEDs contain of two or more chips on a metal stem, which are sealed with epoxy resin. They can also be obtained with a glass lense. Due to the huge variety of different options, we only offer a limited number multi LEDs in our list. In case of special requirements we can contact our supplier and offer specific spezial grades for our customers.

Please click here to get access to our product data sheets for our multi LEDs.


Bi-Color LEDs
Wavelength (nm) Data Sheet
395/940 L395/940-37
430/565 L430/565-04A
430/568 L430/568-04A
470/660 L470/660-04A
490/610 L490/610-04
505/630 L505/630-02
565/660 L565/660-04A
570/605 L570/605-04A
635/760 L635/760-04A
645/700 L645/700-04A
660/850 L660/850-04A
660/890 L660/890-04A
660/910 L660/910-04A
660/940 L660/940-04A
680/940 L680/940-04A
750/850 L750/850-04A
760/850 L760/850-04A
760/840 L760/840-05A
760/940 L760/940-04A
810/870 L810/870-04A

Multi-color LEDs
Wavelength (nm) Data Sheet
7x370 L7x370-30P96
470/525/630 L470/525/630-30C32
470/590/630 L470/590/630-30C32
525/590/630 L525/590/630-30C32
565/635/760/PD006 L565/635/760/PD006-3CB00
569/660/805/940 L569/660/805/940-35B42
590/660/850/975 L590/850/975-40Q96-I
2X660/805/940/6x1300 L2X660/805/940/6x1300-35Q96-I
2x660/850/940/6x1300 L2x660/850/940/6x1300-35Q96-I
660/735/805/940 L660/735/805/940-40B42
660/735/850/975 L660/735/850/975-40Q96-1
660/805/940/PD010 L660/805/940/PD010-35B52
660/805/975 L660/805/975-40D00
4x730/4x805/4x850 L4x730/4x805/4x850-40Q96-I
660/805/1200/1300 L660/805/1200/1300-35B32
660/850/940/1300 L660/850/940/1300-35B32
660/890 L660/890-35D32
660/890 L660/890-40D00
660/940 L660/940-35D32
660/940 L660/940-40D32
6X730/6X850 L6X730/6X850-40Q96-I
4x730/4x805/4x850 L4x730/4x805/4x850-40Q96-I
6x735/6x850 L6x735/6x850-40Q96-1
4x735/4x805/4x850 L4x735/4x805/4x850-40Q96-I
2x735/2x850 L2x735/2x850-40B52-I
735/805/850 L735/805/850-40B32
735/805/850 L735/805/850-40C32
L735/805/850/PD L735/805/850/PD-35B32
4x760/4x805/4x850 L4x760/4x805/4x850-40Q96-I
4x760/4x805/4x850/PD2 L4x760.4x805.4x850.PD2x006-40Q96-I
3x890 L3x890-40T32
1200/1300/PD L1200/1300/PD-35B32
1300/1450/1550/PD L1300/1450/1550/PD-35B32



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